Despicablimp Command Center

Concepting · User Experience · Art Direction · Visual Design

Project Overview

Universal Pictures needed a digital engagement play to accompany a Minion-shaped blimp-The Despicablimp–that would travel the country in support and promotion of the theatrical release of Despicable Me 2. Users were able to track and upload sightings of the blimp via real-time Twitter, Facebook and Instagram integration and enter into a sweepstakes to win a trip to Los Angeles and a ride on the Despicablimp.

My Contributions

I wore many hats during this project. I was a part of the conceptualization of the "Despicablimp Command Center", the user experience design, visual design, manager of 3D freelance contractor for creating Minion characters, and point of contact for the Illumination 3D team. The campaign was a major success with 30 million digital impressions, 327K Command Center visitors, and 20K user photos uploaded.

Hero image - screenshot of SkinCeuticals homepage in desktop application

Desktop Visual Design

Welcome Screen Modal Design

Image of Despicablimp Welcome Screen Modal

Homepage/Blimp Tracker Design

Image of Despicablimp Homepage

Event Modal Design

Image of Despicablimp Event Modal

Sweepstakes Registration Modal Design

Image of Despicablimp Sweepstakes Registration Modal

Sweepstakes Confirmation Modal Design

Image of Despicablimp Sweepstakes Confirmation Modal

Video Modal Design

Image of Despicablimp Video Modal

Mobile Visual Design

Homepage Design

Image of

Blimp Tracker Page Design

Image of

Event Modal Design

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Sweepstakes Registration Page Design

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Sweepstakes Confirmation Page Design

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Video Page Design

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